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So what are you studying?

Freshers Week rolls in and the inevitable barrage of questions – the most common of which is, “What are you studying?”

At first I dutifully replied, “Masters in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management”, however after having said that a dozen times I just shortened it to “conservation”: with intriguing results.

It was often (and I mean you wouldn’t believe how often!) followed by a pause and then; “of furniture?”, “of paintings?”, “of antiques?”

To which I would reply (at least in my head), “Of course! I have traveled halfway across the world to the University of Oxford to follow my true passion of restoring pre-loved tables and chairs.

After a while, I changed my tactic. Instead I replied, “Biodiversity conservation.” This worked well until I had some other people ask me; “Does that mean the environment?”

This has really gotten me thinking.

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