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I am a student of the MSc Biodiversity, Conservation and Management at the University of Oxford. Born and raised in Colombia. Love photography, rock climbing, cycling, and swimming. Interested in understanding how biodiversity conservation can be achieved through the intertwining of different actors, finding sustainable solutions by fostering better management and policy decisions.

MSc BCM Vision: #Conservation2037

This past January 26th at The Linnean Society of London, we got together with four conservation Masters courses from different UK Universities1 to explore the ideas and drivers that suggest a transformation in the science, policy and practice of conservation. It was also an opportunity to voice and reflect upon the values, issues and practices which we would like to see at the centre of conservation 20-years hence. I was lucky enough to speak on behalf of MSc BCM and presented our vision of Conservation 2037 in front of the CEOs of Birdlife International, Friends of the Earth, Hampshire Wildlife Trust and The Biodiversity Consultancy.

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The Living Planet Report 2016 – Impacts of the Anthropocene? The ugly, the bad and the good

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future
Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winning physicist

Recently WWF published its famous ‘Living Planet Report 2016. Risk and resilience in a new era‘ showing  an alarming reality of the state of the planet and what the future holds if concrete actions are not implemented NOW.

Hear it from Marco Lambertini – Director General WWF International

The Living Planet Index (LPI) showed that from 1970 to 2012 (little over 40 years!) vertebrate population abundance has declined in average 58% (more than half!). The Terrestrial, Freshwater, and Marine LPI showed that populations have declined by 38%, 81% and 36% respectively, between the same period of time.

For any person these numbers surely pose an alarming reality of the pressures humans have put on the planet. Are we seeing on this report the crude impacts of the so called ‘Anthropocene’?

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