Small islands or big oceans?

How big do you think the Pacific islands are? To paraphrase,  Epeli Hau'ofa when we think about the Pacific are we talking about small islands in a distant sea or are we really talking about a sea of islands? Are we talking small islands or big oceans? The answer is very much a matter of... Continue Reading →

The Cow Conundrum

In a country where the cow is ubiquitous, either deified and included in the household as part of tradition by many, bred and consumed for subsistence by others, or just left to live off trash and roam the dusty city roads by the ignoramus, the relationship between man and cow is culturally multidimensional. Although the... Continue Reading →

Taking the lion’s share of sand

I have a confession to make: I’ve always been fascinated by origins of street names! Streets are often numbered, named after dignitaries or in extreme cases- from body parts. On free days of my undergraduate degree, I usually rode around Penang Island on my motorbike in search of good food in the many streets of... Continue Reading →

Good News for Marine Protected Areas The year 2015 has held great promise for the future of ocean conservation, as four giant marine protected areas (MPAs) have been established, with a fifth currently in negotiations. Cumulatively, these MPAs have set aside over 2.2 million square kilometers of ocean in the South Pacific as protected areas, raising... Continue Reading →

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