Plenty of Fish in the Sea?

Worldwide, countless people depend on fishing for food, culture, and economic well-being.  From local subsistence fishermen in small coastal communities to large industrial-sized operations, oceans contribute to societies and economies at all scales.  To keep pace with demand, fishing rates have greatly accelerated, to the extent that over 77 billion kilograms of seafood are harvested... Continue Reading →

The Living Planet Report 2016 – Impacts of the Anthropocene? The ugly, the bad and the good

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winning physicist Recently WWF published its famous 'Living Planet Report 2016. Risk and resilience in a new era' showing  an alarming reality of the state of the planet and what the future holds if concrete actions are not implemented NOW. Hear it... Continue Reading →

Is eating red meat sustainable?

Understanding the effects of our Diets Before moving to the UK, I had never really asked myself whether my diet was sustainable. I had always tried to eat healthy, but for personal reasons. However, upon learning that different types of food were linked to different volumes of carbon footprints, I realised that my eating habits... Continue Reading →

Taking the lion’s share of sand

I have a confession to make: I’ve always been fascinated by origins of street names! Streets are often numbered, named after dignitaries or in extreme cases- from body parts. On free days of my undergraduate degree, I usually rode around Penang Island on my motorbike in search of good food in the many streets of... Continue Reading →

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